Xhorse - XSTO01EN - XM38 Toyota / Lexus Universal Smart Key For 4D - 8A - 4A Chips


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Xhorse has released a new universal smart key for Toyota / Lexus Models using the 4D / 4A / 8A Chip types in one key. Supports multiple frequencies and chip types


Supports Toyota Chip Types 4D 8A 4A
Supports 312 MHz ~ 434 MHz Frequency
Supports Change of Button Types & Frequencies
Supports Cloning
Supports Emergency Start
Supports Re-Generate And Re-Use, No Need Bonus Points To Generate
Supports All Key Lost And Add Key
Generate via VVDI MINI, VVDI Key Tool, Key Tool Max, Key Tool Plus, VVDI2

XM38 Smart Chips Supports IMMO Types:

  • 4D (P1=94)
  • 4D (P1=98)
  • 4D (P1=D4)
  • 4D (P1=9F)
  • 4D (P1=34)
  • 8A (P4=00 00 A8 A8)
  • 8A (P4=00 00 88 88)
  • 8A (P4=91 00 AA AA)
  • 8A (P4=91 00 A9 A9)
  • 8A (P4=C1 00 AA AA)
  • 8A (P4=C1 00 A9 A9)


Toyota Camry  Toyota Levin
Toyota Highlander  Toyota Senna
Toyota Avalon Toyota YARIS L
Toyota Prius    Toyota RAV4
Toyota Prado  Toyota Crown
Toyota Vios     Toyota CHR/IZOA
Toyota PREVIA  Toyota Wish
Toyota Vellfire   Toyota Alpha
Toyota Corolla   Toyota Reiz
Toyota Wildlander  Toyota Land Cruiser
Lexus GS  Lexus IS  Lexus ES
Lexus RZ  Lexus CX   Lexus CT
Lexus NX  Lexus RC   Lexus LC
Lexus LS   Lexus LX    Lexus LM

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