Remote Frequency Tester CANSCAN KP100

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AUMIGO CANSCAN KP100 Remote Frequency Tester
CANSCAN KP100 is a user friendly portable remote frequency tester which can detect both keyless entry remote frequency. (from Aumigo, Autek makers of Ikey820 programmer).
Simple, user friendly design.
1. Press the power button to power on the KP100 remote tester
2. Press any button on the keyless entry remote you are testing. The corresponding indicator on the KP100 remote tester will flash to show you the frequency, and the IR indicator will flash too if the infrared of the remote works.
Frequency Range you can test include:
- 300-320 MHz
- 434 MHz
- 868 MHz
- 902 MHz
* 9V batter is need to power the KP100 tester and it's included with the tester.

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