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With the upgraded key programmer XP400 Pro, the MaxiIM IM608 Pro is the most advanced key programming tool that combines the powerful IMMO and programming functions with OE-level diagnostics and advanced service functions in one Android based 10.1-inch touchscreen tablet.

The MaxiIM IM608 Pro features an automated and guided Smart Mode to help technicians perform key learning efforTLessly, and an Expert Mode to provide experienced technicians with quick access to desired functions.

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The MaxiIM IM608 Pro supports all the functions of the previous MaxiIM IM608 with more powerful and stable performance of key functions, including read/write keys, read/write chips, and read/write Mercedes infrared key.

MaxiIM IM608 Pro includes:
⦁ MaxiIM IM608 Tablet
⦁ XP400 Pro Key Programmer
⦁ MaxiFlash ECU Reprogrammer
⦁ Carry Case
⦁ Cables, cords and adapters

The MaxiIM IM608 Pro presents several brand new features that make the device even more versatile:
What’s New
⦁ BMW EWS3 key learning (need to use with APB114)
⦁ Mercedes-Benz W209 EIZ read/write/erase (need to use with APB118)
⦁ OEM Mercedes-Benz NEC key learning (need to use with APB115)
⦁ Read/write Data –
⦁ EEPROM - added 60 chip types, now supports 445 types (need to use with APB119, 121, 122, 123 and 126);
⦁ MCU - added 32 chip types, now supports 2067 types (need to use with APB120, 127and 128);
⦁ Odometer – will add 162 chip types, will be able to support 171 types in July;
⦁ Engine ECU – added 1 chip type, now supports 41 chip types;
⦁ Immobilizer ECU – added 3 chip types, now supports 181 chip types.
⦁ Key unlock – supports 11 key types (need to use with APB113).

Powerful IMMO Functions
⦁ Auto Detect Make/Model/Year/System
⦁ Read PIN (All Key Lost)
⦁ Key Learning
⦁ IMMO ECU Reset/Adaption
⦁ IMMO ECU Refresh/Coding
⦁ Remote Learning
⦁ AUDI Q5/A4/A5 2015-2017 Key Learning
⦁ VW MQB Key Learning
⦁ BMW FEM/BDC Key Learning and Adaption
⦁ BMW CAS4 Key Learning and Adaption
⦁ Mercedes Key Learning
⦁ 2015-2018 Land Rover & Jaguar write key via dump
⦁ Volvo Smart Key Learning/knob-style smart key

Advanced Programming Functions
⦁ EEPROM Read/Write
⦁ MCU Read/Write
⦁ Key Programming
⦁ Mercedes Key Read/Write
⦁ Remote Frequency Detect

OE-Level Diagnostics
⦁ Compatible with more than 80 vehicle makes
⦁ All system diagnostics
⦁ Work with the MaxiFlash JVCI (J2534 ECU Programmer)

Advanced Service Functions
⦁ Oil Service Reset
⦁ Parking Brake Pad Relearn After Replacement
⦁ Steering Angle Sensor Relearn
⦁ Battery Registration and Reset
⦁ Diesel Particulate Filter Regeneration
⦁ Tire Pressure Monitoring System
⦁ Active Test
⦁ ECU Coding
⦁ VW/Audi Component Protection
⦁ Complete Service Functions

Tool Features
⦁ 15000 mAh Built-in Rechargeable Li-ion Battery
⦁ Wi-Fi
⦁ Multilingual Support
⦁ Limited One Year Warranty
⦁ 10.1-inch Touchscreen
⦁ 64GB Memory
⦁ Hexa-core Processor
⦁ 8.0 Megapixel Camera
⦁ 1920x1200 Resolution

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